Bala Brundam Sangita Gurukulam, a compact institution propagating Classical Carnatic Music in a traditional and holistic mode, is a second home to its students.This institution conceptualized by 'Sangita Kala Acharya' Smt. Seetha Rajan, aims at preparing a band of committed torch bearers of our rich tradition and are expected to contribute to future generations as teachers and scholars apart from being capable performers.

The aspirants who join at a young age, grow in an uninhibited yet disciplined environment and enrich themselves, learning and living with music. Most of their time, apart from school hours is spent in the Gurukulam. The vibrant Gurukulam atmosphere with continuous activity and simultaneous presence of students of varied levels, helps in the absorption of the nuances of music in a very natural and gradual manner. In due course of time, music becomes the way of life for a student of this institution. At the graduate and post graduate level, music or an allied subject or a language is taken up for specialization.

Students in the Gurukulam have to necessarily acquire working knowledge of Sanskrit and other oriental languages. They are also encouraged to learn yoga. Visits to places of cultural significance in various parts of the country are combined with opportunities to present thematic programmes by the students of the Gurukulam, giving them a rich experience.

Since its inception in 1992, Bala Brundam Sangita Gurukulam has evolved into an institution of quality, with its students making a mark as good performing artistes,committed research scholars and competent teachers. Most of the products are recipients of prestigious scholarships, University ranks and the UGC Junior Research Fellowship. Some students have already emerged as lecturers with doctoral degrees, some are pursuing research studies and a few more are expected to follow.

Today, with its senior students having emerged as strong pillars of the edifice, this institution is spreading its wings to carry the mission forward. Branches of this institution are being established in different locations to cater to learners who seek exposure to this fine art.

A recent venture is the inception of 'Mathrubrundam', an outfit aimed at creating among women, an awareness of our music and culture.

"Smt Seetha Rajan is a seasoned performer, respected teacher and proficient musicologist and her concerts and lecture-demos have been appreciated widely.

Her creation of Bala Brundam Sangita Gurukulam, an institution of quality, is a milestone in her service to music."

The Music Academy Journal, 2010

Bala Brundam Sangita Gurukulam

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