The Birth Of Balabrundam


In the early 90’s music classes were started for children. The response was such that suddenly a large number of students wanted to be musically trained by Smt.Seetha Rajan. Her style of music teaching was liked by the children. Seeing the response it was felt that it would be worthwhile to introduce a well focused training with commitment to the subject.

The concept of Project Saraswati was visualized where students could be trained holistically in maximum possible areas of classical music such as vocal singing, theory, languages, instrumental training, teaching, voice culture, research studies and such like. In Project Saraswati, the concept was to intensify the training with the aim of turning out very capable musicians, scholars, teachers and finally Guru’s who would be capable of acting as torch bearers who would become worthy of emulation for coming generations of learners.

This is how the concept of the Gurukulam became a reality where only those who would undertake a rigorous journey over a sustained period of time to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge through excellence and wisdom and only such learners who were passionate about learning for life were permitted to continue.

It was found that the majority disagreed with this and many left. A few remained and these few have all taken up music full time and today have formed a network and have also started contributing to our rich heritage and legacy.

It is a matter of pride that, 3 disciples are doing their Ph.D studies and research work. Several have completed their MA music and are waiting for their turn to register for Ph.D. All of them are musicians and are performing in the Radio and Stage.

A Junior batch is following the Senior batch and are going through intensive training and in a few years time they would be emulating their seniors. A Sub-Junior batch of young children average age 10-12 have also joined the Gurukulam recently.

The training has been very challenging and arduous particularly because almost all the students are from a non-musical background with a willingness to work.

Looking back the results are really producing a deep inner satisfaction and with a definite assurance that the baton and the torch of knowledge shall continue to be passed on with a reasonable degree of success. It is emphasized that most if not all disciples due to the quality of training received and undergone by them would easily be able to establish music schools in the short term for a greater number of learners.

It is also emphasized that atleast a few disciples who have put in tremendous hardwork and have taken to the subject exceptionally well. These disciples definitely, would in their own turn and time establish Gurukulams thus making Project Saraswati a continuing and effective reality with much benefits for the future generations.