Pictorial Journey


In the Gurukulam maximum efforts are always taken to ensure a holistic approach to the training. A lot of opportunities are utilized fully, to enrich the students through travel education.

The students have traveled together often by train and bus to various places in South India and to cities like Bombay, Delhi, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Hyderabad and such like, for music programmes, music camps and cultural reasons (Temple visit etc).

This in turn has resulted in good group dynamics, teamwork and bonding and also to develop traits like care and share, team spirit, event management and many more.

Already students who have been trained in all above and who have been exposed to travel education, the impact of such training is showing in their attitudes after they have left the Gurukulam, the strong bonding and team work ambience during their stay in the Gurukulam are all greatly contributing to the creation of a wonderful network where it is being seen and experienced that the Senior Batch are well maturing into caring and guiding individuals who are helping their Juniors in the Gurukulam in all ways possible and these Juniors In turn will surely be passing this on to coming generations due to their training ambience.

The magnitude of the effort in the Gurukulam can be gauged by some wonderful photographs in and out station.

Pictorial Journey